Reiki-ssage Certification Reiki-ssage Certification Workshop Series
A powerful blending of Reiki energy balancing, hands-on body therapy, and astral healing!

Cost: See Pricing Below
Pre-Requisites: Any Reiki 1 Class
Class Hours: Sat-Sun: 9:00am to 6:00pm
CE Hours: 16 Hours
Minimum: 4 Participants
Maximum: 35 Participants 

The Reiki-ssage Certification
Workshop Series

You can attend each of the 6 courses required to qualify you for the Reiki-ssage Certification Exam.  Or, you can save a huge 23% by registering for the entire series as a package deal.

Reiki-ssage® is a systematic approach to healing that blends hands-on body therapies with Reiki, and astral healing. The Reiki-ssage® unique therapeutic intent and unique approach to healing makes all the difference! It works directly with the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies simultaneously to create an integrated, "whole-self" healing.

Reiki-ssage® has already helped therapists make quantum leaps in their healing practice. This 16-hour program can literally transform the way you practice healing! Find out why chiropractors, medical doctors, and even hospitals are hiring our practitioners or sending their nurses and therapists to learn this fast-growing system.

Reiki-ssage® is so much more than simply massage with Reiki!  
You will gain a strong understanding of health, defining a real objective to help your clients achieve.  This definition is based in science, metaphysical understanding, and spiritual dynamics, and by itself is worth the workshop price.  Armed with this goal, your treatment sessions will guide your clients closer and closer to real health.

This Series includes the Following Workshops...

  • Reiki-ssage I Workshop
    Learn the foundations of Reiki-ssage and how to provide a full 30-minute and 60-minute session touching the Physical, Etheric, and Astral simultaneously.

  • Reiki-Reflex I Workshop
    Learn the system of Reflexology blending energy and spirit with physical touch.  Called "The best reflexology training in the country!"

  • Advanced Reiki-ssage Workshop
    Take your Reiki-ssage training to a whole different level and learn how to tap into the sacred elements of the system that creates the transformational power behind the healing.

  • Advanced Reiki-Reflex Workshop
    Expand your skills with foot reflexology into working with the more complex hands and feet.

  • Reiki-ssage Mastery Workshop
    This final workshop of the series explores the deep mysteries comparing astronomy's theories on the creation of the universe and the Reiki-ssage understanding of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  A powerful completion.

  • Building A Successful Practice Workshop
    Learn how to build your practice from the ground up, grow it, and let it begin to serve you while you serve your community.

For Certification, you will also need to successfully complete the following:

  • CPR & First Aid Training from any hospital, fire station, park district or other certification offering.  This is a requirement for all professional health care fields.  At this time, we do not offer this training.

  • 100 hours of documented at-home practice sessions.  To gain confidence, grace and skill, you need practice.  Keep the momentum going and your skills improving and practice with your family and friends to gain the required 100 hours during the time between workshops.

  • Reiki-ssage Certification Exam.  This is a written and hands-on exam demonstrating understanding and competency in the Reiki-ssage System.

You have a maximum of 3 years from the date of your first class to complete the entire program.  You may progress as quickly or as slowly as you wish within that time frame.

Pre-Requisites: Prior Reiki I Training with any qualified instructor or
the Reiki Council's Energy Healing Basics Class

Note:  State Licensing Laws vary from state to state and affect Reiki-ssage Certification differently.  Reiki-ssage Practitioners are required to know their local rules and comply with the laws of their state.  Reiki Council cannot be responsible for changes in licensing requirements should they occur.

Workshop Series Pricing:

Register and pay at the door (no discounts)


Paid in Full Now!   non-refundable (Save $385!)


Paid in Full Now!   non-refundable (Save $510!)
Includes 2 Supplemental Courses Described Below)


Workshop Series Start Dates:

More dates announcing soon
Want to organize this series in your area?  Give us a call!  



Here's What People are Saying...

Selected as the therapeutic modality to be first-call responders 
to all major Illinois disaster sites.
Illinois Emergency Management Agency

Selected as Spa Service of Choice for 2002 Annual Jeep Owner’s Event in Branson.
Esquire Magazine

Reiki-ssage far outpaced my expectations. 
(Speaking about the unprecedented benefit for Cerebral Palsy patients.)

Massage & Bodywork Magazine

My clients just 'float' out of the room!  They love it!
And, it is so much easier on me and my body.
K.J. Chicago, IL

It’s like a massage that keeps going for days! 
J.C. Naperville, IL

I just took the class and I’m booked solid for two weeks. 
I’ve got a waiting list!!!
V.F. Seneca, IL

My perception is so much stronger. I’ve seen things and felt things I never 
could experience with pure Reiki.
C.C. Wood Dale, IL

Powerful, loving, full of possibilities for a future professional career as a healer. 
The System is AMAZING!!!! 

J.O. Chicago, IL

Massage is great, but Reiki-ssage® is so much more than that. 
Regular massage will never be good enough again! 
Dr. A.K. Naperville, IL

I’ve had massage, but that was unbelievable! 
J.S. Bartlet, IL


Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Reiki-ssage Certification Workshop is a special package deal.  Exceptional discounts are provided in return for non-refundable purchase status.  This status is strictly enforced.

In the event you decide not to complete the series, you may transfer unused credit (calculated based on the prepaid prices at the time of the attended courses) to alternate classes offered by the Reiki Council. In some special cases, this transfer may not apply to programs organized and managed by outside sponsoring organizations. 

All classes or class credits must be completed within three years from the date of the first class in the series.

If you do not agree to abide by these terms, we suggest you register for each class individually as you plan to attend.


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