"I had so many 'ah-ha' moments.  This was a great class."

Class:  Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 2
The Most Comprehensive & In-Depth Course in the Chakra System Available!

Cost: See Pricing Below
Pre-Requisites: None
Class Hours:  9:30am to 5:30pm
CE Hours: 7 Hours
Minimum: 4 Participants
Maximum: 35 Participants per instructor


Or, click here to register for BOTH Part 1 and Part 2

The Minor and Mid-Range Chakras and the Dynamics of
Karma, Forgiveness, and True Healing

Based on the upcoming new book by Rick and Connie Vrenios, Eyes of the Soul - A Master's Course in the Chakra System, Part 2 of the Master's Course in the Chakra System will explore the lesser known Minor and Mid-Range Chakras, what they do, why they are important, and how you can work with them to maximize health and vitality and to overcome the life challenges that confront you.

Delving into the subtle forces that create massive influence, we begin to understand how we create our personality, our psychology, and the inner workings of our mind and body.  With this understanding, we can begin to take control and have real influence toward creating the live we want.

Whether you are brand new to field of mind-body health or a professional energy worker with decades of experience, this one-day program goes far beyond the tired, worn-out, and over-used traditional concepts and uncovers crucial new insights that will completely change your relationships to your chakras.  

It will answer the open questions, shatter the myths, bring to light a new clarity and new depth of understanding about the chakra system that you will find nowhere else!  You will recognize the Chakra System as the spiritual dynamics behind the "The Process of Everything!"  We believe this force of evolution is the Intelligent Design set in motion by the Creator.

Come rediscover the chakra system with Rick and Connie Vrenios and unlock the mysteries of life, health, and spiritual evolution like you've never seen it before.  You will re-discover the very foundations of life and the forces that make life possible!

 This is not your typical chakra class! 

No matter what your background, you will know and understand the Major Chakra System better than you ever thought possible!  You're going to be Blown Away by the Jaw-Dropping Insights and the simple purity with which this information is presented.


At Master's Course Part 2, You Will Learn...

  • What are the Minor Chakras and what role do they play in life?

  • What are the 22 Mid-Range Chakras and how do they influence the functionality of life?

  • What are the energetic and spiritual components that shape perception, memory, our responses, and personal psychology?

  • What is energetic system that creates the Akashic Records also known as the Book of Life?

  • What are the spiritual and energetic forces behind our habits and addictions and how can we use our chakras to help overcome them?

  • What is Karma really and what are the myths that distort our understanding of this critical concept.

  • What are the two major types of emotions and why are both absolutely essential to healthy living?

  • How do we achieve true forgiveness in our lives and help others achieve it too? 

  • And Much More!

Pre-Requisites: Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 1


 ~ The Complete Master's Course Series... ~ 

Part 1 - The Major Chakras and the Forces of Life and Evolution

Part 2 - The Minor & Mid-Range Chakras and the Dynamics of 
Karma, Forgiveness & Healing

Strongly Recommended:  Moving Heaven & Earth Lecture


Amazing Education, Amazing Savings!
Click Here
to Register for 
Both Master's Course Part 1 & Part 2!

You get admission to:

  • Part 1 - The Major Chakras and the Forces of Life and Evolution
  • Part 2 - The Minor & Mid-Range Chakras and How They Create the Dynamics of  Karma, Forgiveness & Healing


Workshop Pricing:

Standard Registration


Early Bird Registration - 2 Weeks Before Event


Repeating This Class! 



Workshop Dates:

February 12, 2011 in Winfield, IL
Light Heart Center  165 S Church St  Winfield, IL 60190
March 12, 2011 in Schenectady, NY
Studio 232
July 10, 2011 in Wheaton, IL
Tau Center   26W171 Roosevelt Rd  Wheaton, IL 60187
More Dates Coming Soon!  



Here's What People are Saying...

"This class answered so many questions for me.
I can't say enough about it.  It was absolutely THE best."
F.P. Naperville, IL

"The new perspectives and information have added
a new dimension to my chakra work.  And, I love the Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique.  This is a great way to work!"

M.B. Deerfield, IL

"Worth every penny, and I don't say that often about courses."

"Phenomenal!  If you want to be the chakra expert in your circle,
you have to take this course!"
G.A. Downer's Grove, IL


"Wow! In my 20+ years studying the Chakra System, that was 
THE best presentation I have ever seen!"
A.W. Cape Girardeau, MO


"No longer just an elusive esoteric concept... the chakra system 
becomes a tangible force that you can easily recognize in every aspect 
of your life.  Once you can recognize it, you can change it!
B.B. Oak Park, IL


"When you experience the heart of this perspective, it resonates with 
such truth and familiarity that feels like you've known it forever -- 
even though you are experiencing it for the first time!  

This program helps you tap into your cellular wisdom to reawaken 
your inner knowing of how all of life works."
J.A. Evanston, IL



"Itís about levels. Other people teach the chakra system, but this is at a whole different level. It makes things so much clearer and makes so much more sense than anything Iíve seen. That was powerful."
L.A. Wheaton, IL


"A radically new perspective on the chakra system!"
L.A. Elmwood Park, IL


"Iíve been studying the chakras for 30 years. Youíve been talking for
 90 minutes and I finally get it! This make so much sense!"
E.B. Evanston, IL


"I am so intrigued by your ideas of what chakras are. 
I canít stop thinking about it!"
D.W. Chicago, IL


"This is ground-breaking information!"
C.C. Wood Dale, IL


"I thought I knew the Chakras, but this is amazing! The amount of new information in this is incredible."
B.W. Elk Grove, IL


"Iím still speechless! That was absolutely lifechanging."
C.K. Glen Ellyn, IL


"Other people talk about the chakras, but no one else teaches this information! Just so powerful and moving - the beauty of what youíre talking about..."
J.M. Evanston, IL



Cancellation / Refund Policy:

To ensure the personal nature and individualized attention of the training, this class has limited seating.  We want to make the space available to those who can attend the class on any particular date.  Therefore, you are always free to transfer your registration to another participant, but please let us know in advance to avoid questions at the start of the event.

  • Cancel 15 days prior to class:  100% credit toward future course.

  • Cancel less than 15 days prior to class:  100% credit toward future course less the $50 registration fee. 

  • Cancel less than 24 hours prior to class:  No credit granted.

  • Group Registrations are final.  The special discount pricing for our Group Rate and our Bring A Friend Discount is exchanged for "no-cancel" status.

We want you to gain the full benefit of your investment.  While we cannot offer refunds, we are willing to offer credit toward a future class.  You may transfer your credit toward enrolling in a future class one time.  Also, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that workshops and programs will be repeated in the same area at a future date.

If you do not agree to abide by these terms, we suggest you register at the door of this event.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to benefit from the advance registration and/or pre-payment discounts, and seating availability is first-come first served for non-pre-registered attendees so there is no guarantee of seating.  You can call ahead the day before to check space availability.


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