Membership - The Ultimate Year
          (12 Month Program)

A 12-month free- pass to nearly every Reiki Council workshop in 2009-2010!

12 Month Option Single Payment of $1597.00
or 5 monthly payments of $325.00
6 Month Option Single Payment of $999.00
or 4 monthly payments of $250.00


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First... what I am about to tell you about is NOT for everyone.

This is an extraordinary offer that is for those special few who REALLY want to master energy and the power of the mind. This is for a very small number of people who are not willing to settle for being "good", but want to be truly great with energy work.

You know how strongly Rick and Connie believe in continuing education. Investing as much as 250 hours each year, they keep learning, expanding, and growing to be able to keep their programs at the cutting edge. You know how good you feel when you come to their events, and there is no question about the absolute value you get at each program they offer.

Imagine one year... twelve entire months of being free to attend every single class Rick and Connie offer. Imagine being free to absorb the incredible volume of information available and being free to tap into the vast experience and understanding they have as you evolve toward your personal mastery.

Rick and Connie are unveiling... Inspired Living Ultimate! You've seen the Inspired Living offers... the Gold and Platinum memberships where you get great free bonuses and discounts of 10-15% on classes are a great value. But... Inspired Living Ultimate is a 12-month FREE PASS to every Reiki Council sponsored program presented by Rick and/or Connie Vrenios... anywhere in the world (a rare few exceptions apply)! You also get major discounts on special programs featuring guest speakers and Rick and Connie programs sponsored by other organizations.


The Western Style Reiki series... Japanese Style Reiki series... Remote Viewing training series... Reiki-ssage Certification Series... Reiki Facelift... Hawaiian Healing (Initial Level Trainings)... The Reiki Council Retreat in SEDONA!!! Chakra Wisdom and Energy Anatomy... Reflexology... All of the Inspired Living Speakers Series programs... Aromatherapy... Craniosacral Therapy... Building A Successful Practice... Talking With Angels... Working with Crystals & Healing Stones... Guided Imagery...

Plus... Rick and Connie are developing a number of brand new workshops for this coming year... some of the programs in design are: Metaphysics 101... Reflexology Certification, Remote Viewing Healer Series, Spiritual Cure for All Disease, Master's Course in the Chakra System, Developing Your Energy Perception... Meditation... Anatomy for Energyworkers... Advanced Crystal Healing... Essentials of Sound Therapy... The Measure of Happiness... The Art of Worrying... The Spirituality of Anger... Finding Forgiveness / Finding Wholeness... and more.

Keep in mind, pre-requisites do apply and in some cases the competency requirements apply as well before some advanced and mastery level classes can be taken.

Imagine being able to take every class you want and take and retake all or segments of the classes to really master the information presented!

Registration is open now!

$5,000… $10,000… $15,000

Those first people to register can join for an unbelievably low price of just $1597. Given the fact that Rick and Connie and the Reiki Council present anywhere between 60-90 events each year and the average cost of each event is $250... well... you do the math and see what this is worth!

With free classes for a year as an Inspired Living Ultimate member, you can join the "jetset crowd!" Imagine flying off to Albany for Reiki-ssage... Scottsdale for Chakra Wisdom... Dublin for Remote Viewing... This is going to be an incredible time... and just think where you will be in 6 months from now!

You know that with this opportunity, you are going to accelerate your growth like no other opportunity available. You... and any class... every class you want that we offer for twelve consecutive months (some restrictions apply)... only $1597.


We know that for many people, that's a big chunk all at once. We've arranged the ability to spread this out. Take the Inspired Living Ultimate Membership and pay over 5 monthly payments of $325.00.

This event is a fund-raiser for the Reiki Council, and a limited number of memberships will be offered. Therefore, the buyer understands that the annual Ultimate Memberships are non-cancelable and non-refundable.

You get twelve full months of feeding your brain, honing your skills, and transitioning toward real mastery with one of the most trusted names in Reiki and mind-body-spirit education.


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We know that this not for everyone, so if you can't take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, please pass this information along to your friends who would LOVE this opportunity. They can get on our reminder list to make sure they get one of these memberships.


Inspired Living Membership Team


12-Month Membership

Single Payment Plan

Click here to make one single payment of $1597.00
and Begin Your Membership Immediately! 

12-Month Membership

6 Payment Plan

Click here to make five monthly payments of $325.00
and Begin Your Membership Immediately! 



Like the idea, but prefer a 6-month option? 


6-Month Membership

Single Payment Plan

Click here to make one single payment of $999.00
and Begin Your Membership Immediately! 

6-Month Membership

4 Payment Plan

Click here to make four monthly payments of $250.00
and Begin Your Membership Immediately! 


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Here's What People are Saying...

"This is the best thing!  I love being able to attend any class!"

"This program is priceless!"

"Thank you so much.  I can easily attend $5-7,000 worth of classes this year."


Cancellation / Refund Policy:

The Ultimate Year 12-Month Program is a 12 month membership that provides a free-pass to almost every workshop presented by Rick and Connie Vrenios and the Reiki Council.  Certain programs such as those sponsored and organized by other organizations may or may not accept Ultimate Year Passes.  These events will be rare and will be clearly identified.

You may cancel future payments toward the membership with 5 days notice prior to the payment date (the day of the month of your original purchase), but prior transactions are non-refundable.

Ultimate Year memberships are non-refundable, but may be transferred no more than one time and only with prior approval from the Reiki Council.


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