Professional Membership


The Reiki Council's
Professional Membership Association

The Membership is Currently Closed.

~  Deepen Your Understanding of Healing  ~

~  Connect with Clients & Students looking for you!  ~

~  Learn New Ways to Grow Your Practice  ~

Join Together with Other Reiki Professionals
to Support Everyone's Growth

Awaken the Healer Within!


The Prestige of Membership

There is a Genuine Respect that comes with being a 
Professional Member of the Reiki Council.

Take your professional credibility and image to an even higher level by joining 
this internationally-respected organization with a 23-year history of integrity, 
innovation, and advancement of mind-body health.

Now, we welcome and invite you to join our Professional Membership Program 
and enjoy all of the many benefits waiting inside for you!

With Your Professional Membership in the Reiki Council, You will...


  • Connect with new clients and potential students with your listing on our "Find A Practitioner" pages and in our Referral Network.
  • Elevate your professional standing with a verifiable membership in a respected professional association.
  • Be a part of a REAL community with the ability to connect with like-minded professionals every day.
  • Explore a gathering place to share ideas and to grow professionally, personally and spiritually... no matter where you are physically located!
  • Learn from experts and emerging voices in the field to explore new discoveries, applications, and opportunities FREE or at significant discount.
  • Discover new ways to make your understanding of energy and spirit clearer, more usable, and more easily a part of your everyday life.


The Professional Membership is open to Practitioners of
Every Level of Training
and Every Lineage of Reiki.


(Membership is Currently Closed)

Not interested in building or growing a Professional Reiki Practice?
Would you prefer a community to explore healing, energy, and the mind-body-spirit connections
purely for personal interests?  Click the button below to go there!


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