eBook:  Extraordinary Living Through Chakra Wisdom
Psychology of Energy

220 pages
Rick Vrenios, LMT
  Reiki Council Publishing

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Extraordinary Living Through Chakra Wisdom is the new book by noted speaker, therapist, and author Rick Vrenios.

Bringing this often esoteric and vague concept to life in practical, tangible terms, Chakra Wisdom is the most comprehensive guide to the chakra system available on the market. Chakra Wisdom explores the major, mid-range, and minor chakras as well as the three centers of consciousness and our full subtle anatomy with jaw-dropping new insights that let you immediately begin to tap into the power of this system to literally transform your life!


This book is the most comprehensive guide to the chakra system providing an unmatched depth of understanding and clarity into the complete hierarchy of our energetic system. This book reaches beyond the standard thinking about the chakra system to discover even greater meaning and practical application for living in today's world.

Whether you are new to energy or are an experienced veteran of this work, Chakra Wisdom offers jaw-dropping new insights into the chakra system and is an absolute must for your library.

Extraordinary Living Through Chakra Wisdom is not just another "chakra book". Instead of the usual worn-out information and conflicting bullet-point lists of associations with each of the chakras, Chakra Wisdom offers stunning and genuinely new insights into the inner workings of the chakra system. The book digs in deep to uncover the meaning behind these connections and their implications on human life.

Chakra Wisdom is subtitled "The Psychology of Energy" because it reveals the chakra system as the underlying influence that shapes our personal psychology. Our choices and behaviors are governed by the drives and needs of our psychology, and those drives and needs are shaped by the energy of our chakras. When you understand how to tap into this system of energy, you can use the natural cycles to help you overcome virtually any challenge in life! The chakra system is literally our built-in owner's manual for life.

Book Highlights...

  • Understand the full spectrum of the chakra system, including the major, mid-range, and minor chakras.
  • Uncover the real energetic qualities of the major chakras. Many other texts present incorrect or limited explanations. Chakra Wisdom finds its support in mirrorings of the construct of the world around us.
  • Learn the locations and functions of each of the 22 mid-range chakras and how they relate and interact with the major and minor chakras.
  • Understand the function of the minor chakras and their impact on our personal psychology.
  • Explore the profoundly important dual movement of energy creating the Ascent of Awakening and Descent of Mastery through the major chakras, and the chakra system as the undercurrent of evolution through the Seven Ages of Man.
  • Access the step-by-step plan for using your chakra energies to facilitate positive personal change.
  • Learn an easy-to-use method for energetically balancing your chakras.
  • Gain the power and intimate connections of the brand new, two-practitioner Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique.
  • And Much More!

With Chakra Wisdom, you get the answers to these important questions in one essential resource!

  • What are the energetic and spiritual dynamics of human conception, and how are the chakras formed?
  • What happens spiritually and energetically during the three days following death?
  • Why is the Root Chakra red and the Crown Chakra purple?
  • What is the significance of the number of petals in each chakra's flower representation?
  • How does the Thymus Gland embody the energy of the Heart Chakra?
  • What is our etheric liver or etheric kidney?
  • What are these astral structures that are often confused for "newly emerging" chakras?
  • How do the chakra pairings in the dual movement of energy shape the seven stages of living?
  • What are the Akashic Records and how are they recorded?
  • How did the chakra system create the residual image on the Shroud of Turin?
  • What are the chakras made of and what role do they play in the movement of wisdom from spirit to physical consciousness?
  • How does communication flow from spirit to the physical awareness and what causes the distortions or interruptions in this communication?
  • Uncover extraordinary relationships between critical elements in the structure of the earth, all the world's major religions and modern psychology versus the evolutionary influences of the chakra system and the three Centers of Consciousness.
  • What are the six forms of chakra imbalances and how do they have a direct impact our physical and mental health?
  • What is the real meaning behind karma and forgiveness, and what are the common "myth-understandings"?
  • What are the two types of emotions and what positive and spiritually necessary role do they play in the relationship between the spirit and the physical?
  • What is chakra mastery and what are the common misunderstandings of this state of being?
  • Discover the amazing two-practitioner Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique that produces significantly better results.
  • And Too Much More To List!

Acclaim for Chakra Wisdom ...

"This is ground-breaking material!"

"As an educator, a parent, a master of energy, I have read, I believe, every book ever written on the energetics of the physical body and the energy bodies surrounding the physical body. This book surpasses all in clarity, spirituality, and practical information. This book teems with the excitements of our origin, our destiny, and our abilities to improve our lives through the better understanding of these power centers. No teacher should be without this book; every parent, and everyone over the age of thirteen should have this book as their companion, along with the Bible and the dictionary. Thank you Rick and Connie Vrenios for bringing this knowledge into form."

"I am so intrigued by your ideas of what chakras are. I can't stop thinking about it!"

"I wish I had this information when I was raising my kids. This is so important!"

"This is a radically new perspective on the chakra system! It is revolutionary."

"I love the manuscript . . . I found it easy to read, easy to understand and very complete. The outline makes it appear that there is more of the same to come. I can hardly wait! The chapter on mid-range chakras was especially helpful and the chapter on the major chakras and Christianity was phenomenal!"

"I have been looking for a book that condenses and clearly explains the Chakras. My students often have questions, or would like to do more reading on the subject, but the books that I have looked at are very confusing. This book is the first I have read that is clear and understandable. I would like to not only recommend that my students read it, but also incorporate it into my classes as a guide. Also, this is the only book on Chakras that I have seen that explains the minor chakras with more than a 1 line description or very brief overview. It is easy reading, but very informative at the same time."

"I found it to be a great read and difficult to put down. It makes a clearer picture of how the physical, emotional and spiritual health of an individual is more complex than nutrition, exercise and stress reduction, which is what is taught to most people in the Western world today."

"I started reading tonight. I was planning to go to bed early, but I'm hooked!"

"This information is so important and needs to be shared. It was riveting and I didn't want it to end! I'm a voracious reader and I know what I like. This is really good."

  Not yet available...

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