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  DVD:  Hand & Foot Reflexology - Reiki-Reflex Style Home Study Course
Reiki-Reflex 2-DVD Home Study Course



Learn the Blissfully Relaxing System of Reflexology
that is a truly integrated Multi-Dimensional Therapy for
Body, Mind, & Spirit

Easier on Your Hands, Pain-Free for Your Clients, and
all the healthful Benefits for your practice.

Would you like to learn a better system of Reflexology? Easier on your hands and “Blissfully Relaxing” for your clients, the Reiki-Reflex Reflexology Workshop, created by Connie and Rick Vrenios, has been called “The Best Reflexology Training Program in the Country!”

Now, you can learn from the comfort of your own home with this 2-DVD set featuring Connie Vrenios demonstrating and Rick Vrenios narrating.

Blending Zone Therapy, traditional Reflexology concepts, and Reiki Energy Balancing into a unique therapeutic system, it provides all the benefits and more found in traditional Reflexology, and yet it is much more gentle on the practitioner’s hands and joints.

Plus, it is dramatically more pleasant for the client than the often painfully “sharp” and uncomfortable experience of traditional Reflexology. Most clients find it hard to stay awake as they are free to relax into the bliss of sacred peace. All the while, they are gaining all the benefits and more that they have come to expect from Reflexology.

Reiki-Reflex(tm) teaches you to create a true Multi-Dimensional Touch to affect the physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of the human form through the body’s reflex zones and subtle lines of communication.

DVD 1 Includes (Approximately 2 Hours):

  • Reflexology Concepts and the Reiki-Reflex Therapeutic Approach

  • Basic Reflexology & Energy Techniques

  • The Reflex Centers of the Foot

  • Safety Issues and Cautions - When not to give Reflexology

  • Segment-by-Segment Foot Reflexology Session - Objectives, Reflexes, Best Hand Positions, & Techniques.

  • The Complete Reiki-Reflex Foot Reflexology Session Flow.

DVD 2 Includes (Approximately 1-1/2 Hours):

  • The Interconnectedness of Life as Applied to Reflexology

  • Reflex Centers of the Hand

  • Segment-by-Segment Hand Reflexology Session - Objectives, Reflexes, Best Hand Positions, & Techniques.

  • The Complete Reiki-Reflex Hand Reflexology Session Flow.

  • Options for Becoming a Certified Reflexologist

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