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  DVD:  Reiki Facelift Home Study Video Course
2-DVD Home Study Course





The Reiki Facelift Home-Study Course
A Complete Video Training on 2 DVDs

Erase the Lines of Stress & History,
Soften the Influence of Aging, and Restore the
Youthful Radiance to your Face, Neck & Hands.

The Reiki Facelift is the extraordinary spiritual energy therapy using a unique application of Reiki or similar Energy Balancing methods to erase the lines of stress and history, soften the influences of aging, and restore that healthy, youthful radiance to your face, neck & hands!

The Reiki Facelift is easy-to-learn and safe to use! It feels absolutely wonderful to receive, and best of all, it works!

Easy-To-Learn...     Safe To Use...     Feels Great to Receive...

It is a wonderfully relaxing self-treatment, and it is a luxurious spa therapy that is perfect for body therapists and energy workers. Use the Reiki Facelift by itself or incorporate it into a full Reiki session, massage, or other bodywork therapy session!

This complete, 2-DVD home-study course features the creator of the Reiki Facelift System, Connie Vrenios. With nearly 4 hours of video packed with great and unique information, you will learn everything you need to know to begin using the Reiki Facelift for yourself, your friends, and your family!

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