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Whether for Personal Interest, Professional Training, or Continuing Education,
Reiki Council offers exceptional and innovative programs for you!

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Class - Introduction to Remote Viewing
Join us this fun and eye-opening, one day program and learn the basics of Remote Viewing... the most effective way to develop your intuitive skills!  You are going to be amazed at how connected you are!
Reg. $125.00   Only $99.00


Class - Remote Viewing Level 1 Course
Learn the actual system of teachable psychic development created for soldiers in the U.S. Military during the 1970's. This system has been called, "The most effective way to quickly develop your intuitive skills!"
Reg. $295.00   Only $250.00


Class - Remote Viewing Level 2 Course  (Advanced)
The Remote Viewing Level 2 Workshop builds on the skills developed in the Level 1 Course and refines the perception abilities moving toward the bi-location experience.  And, you will learn tools to develop your endurance and emotional empathy and protection to increase your level of connection. 
Reg. $295.00   Only $250.00


Class - Remote Viewing Level 3 Course  (Medical)
Take your advanced Remote Viewing skills into the realm of medical intuitives, and learn the diagnostic applications for body and mind with the Medical Remote Viewing Course.
Reg. $295.00   Only $250.00


Class - Remote Viewing Level 4 Course  (Remote Healing)
Go Beyond Remote Viewing in the Advanced Level Course and Shift Into Remote Influencing and Healing with the Reiki Council's Remote Viewing Level 4 Course
Reg. $295.00   Only $250.00


Class - Remote Viewing Level 5 Course  (Advanced Medical)
Reach Farther, See Clearer, Influence More Deeply, and Create True Healing with the Advanced Medical Remote Viewing Course.
Reg. $295.00   Only $250.00


Real Results - Remote Viewing Healers Series
Remote Viewing has been called, "The most effective method to quickly develop your intuitive skills." The Real Results Remote Viewing Healer Series course is designed to help you move from beginner level to expert level in just 6 months!
Reg. $1089.00   Only $725.00 Prepaid  (Limited Time Only!)



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