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Energy Anatomy Workshop
Class - Energy Anatomy - Master's Course in the Chakra System
Rediscover the Chakra System with a level of clarity and depth like never before.  The chakras are the bridge uniting the spirit and physical to create life itself.  They provide the undercurrents that drive every aspect of our lives.  Why is it so difficult to change?  Why do we repeat the same patterns over and over again?  How can understand these drives and work in harmony and in real partnership with them for healing, for personal accomplishment, for spiritual growth, greater joy, deeper contentment, and all the blessings of life?  In this course, you will go far beyond the chakras as mechanical objects and deep into clarity giving meaning and significance to the esoteric nature of these energy centers.
Reg. $275.00   Only $197.00!


Class - Master's Course in the Chakra System - Combination
Attend both Part 1 & Part 2 and save!  Based on the upcoming book by Rick Vrenios, Eyes of the Soul - A Master's Course in the Chakra System, rediscover the chakra system with a depth of understanding and clarity like nowhere else!  Called, "The Best Workshop on the Chakra System Available!"
Reg. $250.00   Only $175.00 for Part 1 & 2 Combined!


Class - Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 1
Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 1:  The Major Chakras & the Forces of Life and Evolution.  Rediscover the chakra system and reconnect with the very wisdom of life! Ideal for beginners and Master Healers alike, understand the Major Chakras with a greater depth and clarity than ever before possible. This is not your Typical chakra class!
Reg. $250.00   Only $99.00


Class - Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 2
Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 2:  The Minor and Mid-Range Chakras and the Dynamics of Karma, Forgiveness, and True Healing. This one-day workshop will explore the lesser known Minor and Mid-Range Chakras, what they do, and how you can work with them to maximize health and vitality and to overcome the life challenges that confront you.
Reg. $125.00   Only $99.00


Class - Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 3
Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 3:  Chakra Healing for Creating Real Change concentrates on the mechanics and techniques of healing and helping you and your clients create meaningful change through harmonizing the forces of the Chakra System.
Reg. $125.00   Only $99.00


Coming Soon!
Fall 2008

Class - Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 4
Coming in Fall 2008!  Master's Course in the Chakra System - Part 4:  
The Chakras and Bodywork and Restoring the Balance of Life.  A new approach developed by Rick and Connie Vrenios for working to harmonize the chakras and their expression through the body with massage therapy.
Reg. $125.00   Only $99.00



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