CD:  Talking With Angels Workshop
The Complete Workshop and Guided Meditation on 2 CDs

Author:  Rick Vrenios
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2005

Reg: $39.95  Sale: $29.95


A Great Workshop on CD from Reiki Council Publishing!

Get the complete Talking With Angels Workshop and guided angel communication meditation as taught by Rick Vrenios on a special 2-CD Set.  This program features the complete 60-minute workshop on CD #1 with the information and exercises you need to open the channels of communication.  CD #2 features the 24-minute guided angel meditation narrated by Rick Vrenios.


Every religion in the world embraces the concept of spiritual beings who serve as guardians, teachers, and guides through life. Whether you call them angels, spirit guides, aumakua, or anything else, they do exist, and they are here to help offer guidance through their gifts of hope and wisdom. No matter what your faith, it is a connection we all have as our birthright, and yet, most of us have lost that gift along the way.

Talking with Angels is a very personal experience. Some experience an immediate connection and interaction with their angels. Others experience a tremendous sense of peace and love filling them. And, everyone comes away knowing that they are not alone on their path. Most importantly, it is a journey to discovering the real you and your place in the world.

Listen in as author and speaker Rick Vrenios of the Reiki Council open the doors to your experience of real spiritual connectedness. In this seminar, you will discover...

  • The technique to break free of the self-imposed limitations to find the real you.

  • The name of your angel, and suggestions for you to overcome your own blockages to communication.

  • How to differentiate between your angel and the chatter inside of your head. between your angel and the chatter inside of your head.

  • A powerful, yet easy meditation that introduces you to your own angel and helps you to make contact.

  • The simple rules of respect for maintaining your relationship with the angellic wisdom and ways to strengthen the bonds between you.

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