Therapeutic Reflexology Guided Technique on 2 CDs CD:  Therapeutic Reflexology
Guided Hand & Foot Reflexology Technique on 2 Audio CDs

Author:  Rick Vrenios
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2014

Reg: $30.00  Sale: $24.95


Your Best Resource for Learning
the Therapeutic Reflexology System!

Reflexology has been around for literally thousands of years, and it is quickly growing in recognition in the global consciousness as an effective natural healing modality that is a great compliment to traditional medical care. 

This 2-CD Set is a perfect companion for those learning our Therapeutic Reflexology System or anyone looking for an excellent Reflexology protocol that blends Reflexology, Zone Therapy, and Energy Work into a united touch that can only be described as "Blissfully Relaxing". 

Rick Vrenios guides you through a 60-minute session for the Reflexes of the Feet on the first CD.  On CD 2, he guides you through a 30-minute session for the Hands as well as a 30-minute session for the feet.  This CD Set assumes you have a basic understanding of Reflexology techniques, as it is not a "teaching" CD.  Instead, Rick leads you through a therapeutic flow offering clear reminders and instruction for where to direct your attention and intention while staying on time through the technique.

Let Rick Vrenios, co-developer of the Therapeutic Reflexology System, guide you through a blissfully relaxing hand and foot reflexology technique to help you quickly master this fast-growing system of healing.

This 2-CD set features...

* The full 60 minute foot technique, narrated for you step-by-step.
* The full 30 minute, narrated foot technique.
* The full 30 minute, narrated hand technique.
* All the important reminders and tips to focus your attention and intentions when doing this work.
* Beautiful original music to enhance your healing sessions.

No more resting your books on your client! No more eyestrain from reading notes taped to the wall! No more interruptions to read the next step! This CD gives you the guidance and the confidence to find the rhythm of the session as you gracefully move your client into the quiet oasis of Sacred Space.

Order your copy today!


Here's What People are Saying...

"I love these CDs!"

"The Therapeutic Reflexology CDs have been a great help in
learning and remembering all the tiny details in this work.  They are great for me,
and my clients love to listen as well!"


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