CD:  The Measure of Happiness
Creating the Healing Power of Sacred Places in Our Every Day Lives

Author:  Rick Vrenios
66 minutes
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2007

Reg: $15.00  Sale: $12.95


The Measure of Happiness
Creating the Healing Power of Sacred Places in Our Every Day Lives.

Be happier and change your world! The brand new lecture on audio CD by Rick Vrenios exploring things we can do to instantaneously change the momentum of your next few minutes, your entire day, and your entire life.

Finding the real beauty and happiness available to all of us, you will discover:

  • The seven gifts the sacred places evoke in us.

  • What is happiness?

  • Easy practices that immediately give us the same benefits of sacred places in sixty seconds or less.

  • How you can connect more deeply with the real beauty of life.

  • How you can change your relationship to a bad or uncomfortable situation into a healthy, positive one in less than a minute!

  • A powerful addition to any creative visualization that dramatically enhances the benefits.

  • The power of a smile!

  • And so much more!

This is an exclusive recording of Rick's latest Inspired Living Program. Filled with uplifting wisdom that you can use, this is something that needs to be in your CD library! This is one you will listen to time and again, and it makes a great gift too!.

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Here's What People are Saying...

"I listened to this at a friends house. I loved it so much, 
I bought 12 copies as Christmas gifts...  
I gave one to everyone in my family."


"We just finished listening to ĎThe Measure of Happinessí for the 
third time. Itís message is beautiful and inspiring! 
Thank you for this."


"Hey! Iíve been enjoying your CD ĎThe Measure of Happiness. 
Good information, interesting exercises, inspiring ideas. 
Nice Job!"


"The information on this CD is priceless! Iíve listened twice so far already. 
It has a beautiful and powerful message that touched my heart 
in so many ways."


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