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 Metaphysics 101 - 5 Volume Set Workshop on CD:  Metaphysics 101 - 5 Volume Set 
Explore the Infinite Power of the Mind & Spirit

Author:  Rick & Connie Vrenios
Nearly 10 hours total
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  200
8 & 2009

Ordered Individually: $94.75
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79 (Save 16%!)


Workshop on CD - Metaphysics 101: 5 Volume Set
Explore the Infinite Power of the Mind & Spirit

The most popular workshop program of 2008 was, without question, Metaphysics 101.  This program is fresh, inspirational, entertaining, and profound.  Now you can enjoy all three completed volumes on audio CD to listen again and again and really master the vast amount of knowledge contained within.

When our world, our communities, and our families are faced with difficult times, it is important to be able to find the peace and contentment that comes from knowing how to really live as the co-creator of your own life.  These current times are the result of being so far out of harmony with the Universal Laws.  Now you can learn what these laws are and how to begin living and moving and expressing in harmony with them for a better life.

Metaphysics can provide the insights you need to face these times with an inner strength and confidence, regardless of the challenge.

This nine CD set presents you with the wisdom, skills, and knowing to develop your important intuitive self, massively increase your ability to attract and manifest the resources you need, and to discover the spiritual empowerment to be a source of strength for yourself and those in your life.

Become an Expert in Metaphysics!

Each volume is packed with valuable insights to accelerate your spiritual path and mastery of metaphysical knowledge.  Even better, each volume includes guided meditations to help you embody the information deep inside you for true learning.  Plus, you'll receive carefully chosen techniques and practice exercises designed specifically to master the skills presented in the workshop.

Whether you are an experienced student or brand new to the field you will find the Metaphysics 101 5 Volume Set to be a exceptional pathway taking your learning to deeper and deeper levels of understanding each time you listen.

You will receive...

  • Nearly 10 hours of workshop on 9 audio CDs! 

  • Guided meditation to help the information become a part of your being.

  • Fascinating and inspiring lectures to guide you deep into specialties within the vast field of metaphysics.

  • Mini workshop manuals with each volume to make note-taking easy.

In each volume, you will...

  • Evolve through the chakra energies by connecting with the wisdom of a particular chakra related to the lesson.

  • Discover one or two new Universal Laws and how to live and work in harmony with them.

  • Experience a guided meditation to help you more deeply embody the understandings presented in the lesson.

  • Explore a major field of study in metaphysics such as manifestation, seeing energies and auras, numerology, past life readings and more. 

  • Build on Your Intuition and Psychic Awareness to guide your choices and perceptions through skill-building exercises and insightful new discoveries into how these communication channels work.

  • Engage in carefully selected & designed guided practice exercises to help you master the skills presented.

This presentation, written and narrated by Rick and Connie Vrenios, will help you open the doors to connect with more of who you are as a spiritual being living in a physical body.  It will help you understand your world and your place within it.

This 5 Volume Series Includes...

  • Introductory Lesson - The Art & Science of Spiritual Awakening, plus What are the Universal Laws and an Introduction to the Chakras

  • Volume 1 - The Root Chakra and Manifestation: The Secrets of Co-Creation

  • Volume 2 - The Sacral Chakra and Expanding Your Energy Perception - Seeing Energies, Auras, & Entities

  • Volume 3 - The Solar Plexus Chakra, Numerology, & the Spiritual Forces of Internal Identity - Your spiritual sense of self and place in the world.

  • Volume 4 - Akashic Records & Psychometry - The Art of Connecting.  Features the Heart Chakra and reading the history of objects through touch.

Each volume in this workshop series has a depth of wisdom to it that will help you discover more and more each time you listen!

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Here's What People are Saying...

"I Loved It!"

"I can't believe I can see energy!"

"This stuff really works."

"Rick and Connie are among the very best teacher's I've ever had!"

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Cancelation/Refund Policy
Being an information product, the value of this series is not something you can return.  It is important that we create a fair and simple agreement that supports both you and us.

Defective/Damaged CDs - In the event that your CDs are damaged upon delivery, we will happily replace your defective CDs within 30 days of your order.  Call or e-mail for instructions.

If you do not agree with this cancelation/refund policy, please purchase the Metaphysics 101 CD Volumes individually - click here.


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