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"This set is like a Chakra Workshop, a lesson in the Universal Laws, a complete training in Psychometry, and an Intuition Development program all in one!"


Metaphysics 101 - Volume 3 CD:  Metaphysics 101 Volume 4 - Akashic Records & Psychometry
Discovering the Spiritual Attributes of Memory and the Art of Creating Deep Sacred Connections.

Author:  Rick & Connie Vrenios
143 minutes
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  200

Only $19.95


A Complete Workshop
on 2-CD  Set

Metaphysics 101 - Volume 4
Akashic Records & Psychometry - The Art of Connecting
Discovering the Spiritual Attributes of Memory and the Art of Creating Deep, Sacred Connections through the Power and Wisdom of the Heart Chakra.

Explore the Akashic Records and
the psychic skill of reading the history of an object through touch in this 2-CD Set!

The complete Week 4 Course of our 8 week Metaphysics 101 Workshop as a huge 2 hours and 23 minute program on a 2-CD Set with mini-workbook! 

Metaphysics is the adventure of discovering the greater universe that is you. Awaken your physical and spiritual senses as the tools to free your creativity and move you to new spiritual heights in this workshop on 2 CDs.

Also available as a Complete 5-Volume Set.  Get 9 CDs and nearly 10 hours of workshops, guided meditations, and experiential exercises.

With Volume 4, You'll Get...

  • Nearly 2-1/2 hours of workshop on CD!

  • Two guided meditation to help the information become a part of your being.

  • A workshop manual to let note-taking be easy.

Metaphysics 101 Volume 4 - 2 CDs and mini-workbook

You will learn to listen to the history of objects with your hands through Psychometry and the Art of Psychic Archeology.

You get more than 143 minutes of fascinating information and experiential work to help you connect with the power of your Heart Chakra. This 2-CD set is like a Chakra Workshop, a lesson in the Universal Laws, complete training in Psychometry, and an Intuition Development course all in one!

In this Lesson of Metaphysics 101, you will...

  • Explore the power of unconditional love in the Heart Chakra, and the little-known secret key to becoming free enough to unlock that love.

  • Experience a guided meditation where you step into your original essence, the Heart Chakra to help you fully embody the energies.

  • Learn to work with the essential Universal Laws for establishing your place in the universe: The Law of Cause & Effect and the Law of Allowing.

  • Discover the Akashic Records. and the etheric component of memory.

  • Gain insight into your internal strengths, karmic obligations, and the major opportunities and challenges designed into your lifetime.

  • Hear Part 4 of the Developing Your Intuition Series and understand the differences between psychic & intuitive experiences, and the
    natural step-by-step process for developing your intuition.

  • Experiment with specific Practice Exercises to strengthen your intuitive and metaphysical skills.

This is a program that has a depth of wisdom to it that will help you discover more and more each time you listen!

These CDs are in-stock and ready to ship now.  And, it makes a great gift for the holidays!  You can buy the CDs individually, or you can save more with the Complete 5-Volume Metaphysics 101 Series.

We Also Recommend...
Art & Science of Spiritual Awakening The Art & Science of Spiritual Awakening is an excellent lead-in for the Metaphysics 101 Series.  In fact, Spiritual Awakening was created as the Introductory Lesson for Metaphysics 101.

This 72-minute workshop on CD presents the foundations that support your understanding of the Universal Laws and the basis for the entire metaphysical concept.

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Here's What People are Saying...

"I've gotten workshops on CDs before.  You've got such an easy way
of explaining even complicated things.  You make it easy to learn."

"I love the Heart Chakra guided meditation.  This is my new favorite!"

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