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Metaphysics 101 - Introductory Lesson CD:  Metaphysics 101 - Introductory Lesson
The Art & Science of Spiritual Awakening

Author:  Rick & Connie Vrenios
72 minutes
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  200

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Metaphysics 101 - Introductory Lesson
The Art & Science of Spiritual Awakening

This 72 minute workshop on CD is the Introductory Lesson for the Metaphysics 101 Workshop on CD Series.

For many, the image of Spiritual Awakening usually involves ideas of a monastic life away from society, silent, and meditating all day long.  But, that's not the case. 

Spiritual Awakening means being free to live life fully, passionately, sensuously, and truly alive. It is about building an ever-growing relationship and connection with everything around you, and it is about living in harmony with creation. 

The Art & Science of Spiritual Awakening help you to slide into the pilotís seat and become the co-creator of your life in partnership with spirit!

You'll get...

  • A fascinating hour-long workshop on CD

  • A guided meditation to let the information become a part of your soul.

  • A workshop manual to let note-taking be easy.

This presentation, written by Rick and Connie Vrenios, will help you open the doors to connect with more of who you are as a spiritual being living in a physical body. 

It is about everyday spirituality uniting our soul and physical life into a single, unified expression.

This highly informative, 72-minute program will share with you...

* The information you need to understand what is Spiritual Awakening and what it will do for you.

* That true humility does not mean self-denial or minimizing yourself, but rather knowing and embracing the truth of who you are in the most sacred ways.

* The simple secrets to accelerate your pathway into your own Spiritual Awakening and your growth as a spiritual being in human form... without giving up the joys of life!

* How to clear away the separations to let your spirituality and "the rest of life" blend in true harmony.  No more "spiritual time" and then "rest of life time".

* How to identify and use our natural strengths & limitations to navigate the external forces that influence our every day lives.

* A powerful guided meditation to help you embody this wisdom called, Inner Mysteries, Outer Realities.

This is a program that has a depth of wisdom to it that will help you discover more and more each time you listen!

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Here's What People are Saying...

"I Loved it!

"The information about humility alone was so valuable.  This changes everything about what I was taught in Reiki and massage school.  This makes so much more sense."

"The biggest challenge I find is that it seems like there is spiritual time and the rest of life.  The ideas on this CD help are going to help me make the two more integrated.

"Oh my gosh.  What a great way to explain humility.  I'm going to use that!"

"I don't think there is a better explanation of the chakras and what they do out there.  Rick is an absolute master of this information."

"I don't know how they are able to pack so much knowledge into everything they do.  This is the fastest hour you'll ever experience."

"As always, this CD contains so many great gems of insight."

"And, I loved the meditation!  Rick's voice is perfect for this."

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