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"Rick's voice is so soothing and the imagery is beautiful. 
I always look forward to his next CD."


CD:  Inner Space Meditations: 
Enlightenment is an Inward Journey

Author:  Rick & Connie Vrenios
64 minutes
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2009

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Journey Inward to Discover New Levels
of Health, Clarity, & Inner Strength!

Featuring 3 Inspirational & Empowering
Meditations to Help You Find Your Spirit Within.

All the great teachers throughout history have told us to look within ourselves for Spiritual Truth. Rick & Connie Vrenios crafted these inspiring spiritual excursions to uncover the mysteries of spirit and to set the positive energy for your day.

  • Are you seeking a deeper connection with your body?
  • Do you want to more completely embody your spiritual self?
  • Do you want to enter into each day more empowered, available, and ready for life?

It's all here in these three guided meditations.  Make this a part of your daily spiritual practice!

Meditations for Body, Mind, & Spirit!

This audio CD offers you a meditation for your body health and vitality, a meditation for your mind and energy system, and a meditation to uncover the mysteries of your spiritual nature.

Instead of expanding out until you lose yourself in meditative bliss as with many meditations, this program concentrates on finding your internal strength, inner peace, and the sense of wholeness that comes from being a spirit expressing through the magnificence of a human body.

"Those words!  They are so powerful and the presentation is masterful."

Three Meditations... One CD

  • The Chakra Empowerment Meditation - Perfect for personal empowerment and spiritual protection.  Use this to prepare for healing sessions, psychic work, or a daily recharge.  The most requested of Rick & Connie's guided meditations!

    Chakra Empowerment Chakra Empowerment - Listen to a Sample

  • Healing Voyage Meditation - Explore the wisdom of your physicality and empower your organs with this physical body meditation.  A new meditation recorded by popular request!

    Healing Voyage Healing Voyage - Listen to a Sample

  • Inner Space Meditation - Travel through your own personal spiritual universe on the way to discovering your True Self.

    Inner Space Meditation Inner Space
    Listen to a Sample

Written by Rick and Connie Vrenios and narrated by Rick, Inner Space Meditations will make a great addition to your daily spiritual practice!

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Here's What People are Saying...

"Wow, that was beautiful and awesome!  It was so personal it felt like it was written just for me.  You did an outstanding job!"

"You really did a wonderful job. It felt healing and expanding, and several places made me feel like I was right in front of you and you were talking just to me."

"Rick... would you PLEASE hurry up with this?!!!  I loved the
meditations in class and I want them for my home!"

"I love the Chakra Empowerment Meditation!  I want to use
this as a preparation for doing Reiki and Remote Viewing Sessions"

"That was cool!  Please put that on CD!  I loved the Blood Cell idea.
I feel great!  Thanks."

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