CD:  Chakra Wisdom 2-CD Set

Author:  Rick Vrenios
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2004

Reg: $30.00  Sale: $25.00


Save by getting both of our most popular CDs in one matched set... You get the Chakra Wisdom Guided Meditation CD and Chakra Wisdom Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique CD.
The Chakra Wisdom Guided Meditation CD is a 24-minute guided meditation activating and clearing the chakras in their natural pairings and their natural order.  Featuring beautiful, soothing background music and the voice of Rick Vrenios guiding you through, both new and experienced meditators will love this CD!
The Chakra Wisdom Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique CD is a great new process for using Reiki or similar energy healing techniques for self-healing or as a treatment for others.  It's wonderful for working on yourself, it's great for working with your clients, and it is amazing as a two practitioner method of healing.  The CD will guide through the chakra system in their natural pairings and natural sequence.  The CD includes an introductory explanation of the technique followed by the guided session.
A $30 value for only $25!



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