Book:  Preventative Care & Maintenance for the Health of Your Practice
The Ultimate Guide to Creating, Promoting, and Running a Thriving Natural Therapies Practice

Second Edition   214 pages
Rick Vrenios, LMT
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2002

Only: $24.95 


Launch Your Practice 
to New Levels of Success!

Preventative Care & Maintenance for the Health of Your Practice is the Ultimate Guide to Creating, Promoting, and Running a Thriving Natural Therapy Practice!  

This 214-page book takes the complexity out of designing your practice, organizing your records, creating strategies for success, developing your marketing message and bringing in a solid flow of clients.

Learn the secrets that let you earn an excellent living doing the work you love!

This book outlines everything you need to make your vision for a successful practice a reality!

You will learn...

  • The necessary business basics that support the services you provide.
  • Absolutely the best marketing advice we've ever received.
  • How to never have to "sell" again!
  • How to turn clients into loyal repeat customers and enthusiastic marketing machines.
  • How to double and triple your current income... with little extra effort.
  • How to use your competition to create success for you.
  • How to create advertisements that work... even if you are on a limited budget.
  • Overcoming the challenges of marketing a non-traditional therapy system.
  • How Health Fairs and Expos can explode your practice... but only if you do it right!
  • Bonus Chapter! Turn your treatment room into a true healing environment!

Consider this... If you take one idea from this book and implement it...
If that one idea draws one extra repeat client for one extra therapy session, you will have doubled your money!

If you apply even a few of the ideas in this book with consistency, our practice will feel the impact quickly. One couple in Florida told us that using the information from the First Edition, they built a 2-therapist, $200,000+ per year massage practice.

Order your copy today and start your journey into success!



Here's What People are Saying...

"This is a great book!"

"Very thorough"

"You've got such a great way of explaining things in easy terms."

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and without compensation.

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