Art Print:  Reflexology Chart - Reflex Centers of the Hand

Printed on High-Quality Glossy Paper
Rick & Connie Vrenios
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2002

Available in Two Print Sizes:

- 18" x 24" - Only: $24.95 
- 11" x 14" - Only: $12.95

Notice: Please allow up to 3-5 business days for art prints to ship. 
Call if you need faster service to ensure we can accommodate you: 630-926-5891.


Spectacular Healing Art Prints

Reflexologists, now you can have perhaps the most comprehensive chart illustrating the Reflex Centers of the Hand based on years of research.  Detailed, beautiful, and useful... an excellent resource for your healing space.  

Printed on high-quality glossy paper.




The text and image are Copyright 2002, Rick & Connie Vrenios.
Reproduction or use of the text or image is prohibited
without prior written consent from the author
- contact the Reiki Council for details.

The actual poster is printed without the
"Copyright Rick & Connie Vrenios"


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