Art Print:  Living In Sacred Space

Printed on High-Quality Glossy Paper
Rick Vrenios & Clint Sloan
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2001

Available in Three Print Sizes:

- 16" x 20" - Only: $24.95 
- 11" x 14" - Only: $12.95

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Spectacular Healing Art Prints

Available again after years off the market, the re-release of Living In Sacred Space features a magnificent Hawaiian volcanic scene and writing that is both inspiring and thought-provoking.   

Printed on high-quality glossy paper.



Actual text reads:

In the night's darkness, you navigate the fields covered by uneven flows of hardened volcanic rock. Above you is a pristine sky, glistening with stars and galaxies where no earthly light impedes its brilliance. Then, you rise to the cliffs and look out over the ocean. The awesome red-orange glow of the fiery lava flowing into the rushing waters creates an enormous cloud of steam. Looking back, the glow from the rivers of lava flowing down the mountain-side sparkle with silvers and gold. Waves crash to shore with the incredible force of the ocean -- the rocky cliffs shift and brace themselves against its power -- and the wind dances playfully around you. 

Here in this meeting place of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, within the full volume of sensory experience, you notice the silence. Your mind falls quiet to just witness, to fully receive the magnificent presence of nature, here at the place of creation. 

You have before you a gateway to Sacred Space. It is a place of pure potential, yet unformed. Surrendering expectations and judgments of how things "should be", all limitations fade into nothingness. You simply transcend into unity with all that is. This is a place of quiet peace... an oasis of unlimited possibility where all the resources are available for you to heal, achieve clarity, and restart your journey on any path you choose. It is a place where the momentum and pathways of past decisions and actions dissolve into "just being" for awhile. It is a place where you can stop wishing about who you want to be, and realize the magnificence of who you truly are now. It is the place of Healing. It is the place of real magic. 

Create for yourself time everyday for meditation. But do this releasing all expectations and judgments. Don't worry about finding answers or direction. Don't worry about the Angels or the Gods. Allow for time to rediscover yourself in Sacred Space, and nourish your Spirit with the remembrance of the Divine.

Be willing to witness the awe-inspiring creation of Now. But, be more than a witness. Recognize that you are this creation. We step into that role through simply being aware and then acting with the full wisdom of our heart. Remember, we are not humans seeking a spiritual experience. We are spirits seeking a human experience. By bringing the fullness of our spirits into our human expressions, we live our lives in Sacred Space. 


The text and image are Copyright 2001, Rick Vrenios.
Reproduction or use of the text or image is prohibited
without prior written consent from the author
- contact the Reiki Council for details.

The actual poster is printed without the
"Copyright Rick Vrenios"


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